Care and Cure Hospital was started with a mission of supplying good medical facilities at economic rates. It is situated in the famous district of Satara. It works towards creating a healthy human existance and patients are taken utmost care of over here. It constantly adapts itself to procedures in order to make it more and more convenient to those taking treatment and works towards bringing back normalcy into their lives. The Care and Cure family tries to give a new and healthy life to those connected to it. Our moto is to create a healthy society where everyone has the right to medical help. A healthy world is a wealthy world.

Dr. Imatiyaz Mulla

G.C.E.H.(Bang.) C.C.H.(Bom.)
D.A.cu (Bom.)

Dr. Imatiyaz Mulla always dreamt of supplying better medical facilities to mankind. This passion of his led him to the medical feild. The Care & Cure family is founded out of the love for humanity.

We have many reputed doctors consulting here at Care and Cure Hospital. These elite team of doctors always give their best and it is our previlage to have such experienced doctors contributing to our growth as an organisation.